Our Ingredients

Water: Great Care For Great Taste

Miller Lite is brewed with a focus on high quality water sourced from different water streams such as deep lakes to ensure consistent great taste.

Barley Malt: The Heart of The Flavor

Malted barley is the foundational heart and soul of Miller Lite, providing rich malt flavors and aromas released in the brewing process. We use select crystal malt which has a slightly roasted and toasted toffee note and gives our beer the golden color you know and love.

Yeast: Carbonation to Fermentation

Yeast converts sugar from malted barley and corn syrup into alcohol and carbonation during fermentation, while helping to transform malted barley and hop flavor and aroma. The Miller yeast is descended from one Frederick Miller carried in his pocket from Germany in the 1850s, and still exists 160 years later.

Corn Syrup: All For The Yeast

Corn syrup is the fuel yeast needs to ferment into alcohol. Corn Syrup is used by many of your favorite brewers, and it gets consumed by the yeast during the fermentation process. Corn syrup is not the same as high-fructose corn syrup, and brewing with corn syrup is as natural for the yeast as beers that brew without corn syrup.

Hops: The Home of The Aroma

Hops provides much of Miller Lite’s flavor, aroma, and desirable bitterness. Miller Lite is brewed with the unique aroma and bittering of Galena hops from the Pacific Northwest balanced with the noble Saaz hops. Our hops are selectively chosen by our Brewmasters for the unique sensory properties that they bring, and specifically considered for the complexity of the taste, aroma, and appearance of your Miller Lite.

Hop Extract: Bring On Great Taste

Hop extract is used to give our brewers more control over the consistency, quality, and taste characteristics of our beer. It also allows us to produce less waste in our brewing process. Our hop extracts are naturally extracted from whole hops and produced in-house.